Saturday, July 20, 2019


Mum gave me a special Caturday treat.  She gave me another bag to sleep on and I have been on it all day!! It wasn't worth going outside today as it has been raining all day.  So is girls have hibernated inside except for the 10 minutes spent outside feeding the birdies.


  1. Ah! There you are Poppy!x Bless!
    Do we have to get used to a new bag now!
    I did like the other was a bit long as it's comfy! :).

    We had rain all day to yesterday, suns
    back out to~day..forecast for next week,
    is very hot and sunny, temp. up in the 30's.
    So l shall keep in the shade..! :o).

  2. Talk about a spoilt little Poppykins. TWO bags? Someone loves you lots.
    Lucky birdies still getting fed on a rainy day. It was teeming here earlier. I love to hear it as we get very little rain here and it gets so dry in the Summer especially. We have a metered water tank and only get 200 litres a day. The tank can run dry when hosing so I paid extra from last summer to get a bit more but it still isn’t really enough. I just love our garden so much. 💕🌷🌷🌷

  3. Me and mum are staying in and keeping away from the extreme heat here. Enjoy your bag.

  4. You look very happy with your new bag, Poppy.