Sunday, July 28, 2019


I am overjoyed with anticipation!!!  Can't you tell?  Mum gets to have a staycation with me.  She's worked hard and is glad to have a wee break. 


  1. Oh! That's great news Poppy!x
    Lot's of rest..lots of reading..lots to eat..
    In your case..just resting..or sleeping..HeHe! :).
    You look as though your gonna drop off in the photo! 💤💤💤

    Just had an early lunch out on the patio..very hot out
    there, though there is a little breeze..l had chicken
    thighs to~day and two..yes two cans of lager..! Phew! :o).

  2. Good one Poppy. You look a little bit grumpy to me. Did mum wake to take that photo.
    You are sleeping on a very pretty cover protected by a towel. Is it a crochet blanket ?
    What a good life you have. When I was little we had the loveliest cook who used to say when she dies she would like to come back as a Persian cat. I occasionally slept over at dear Fargies house.
    I would sleep on the sofa and she would put her beautiful Persian cat to sleep on my feet. She had two beautiful daughters and her husband was a chemist. So kind. Once he gave me a bottle of Mercury to take home. I spent many happy hours playing with it. Make little globes and then joining them all up.
    Of course in those days we had no idea it wasn’t safe 🙀 but I don’t think it did me any harm.

  3. We love staycations with mum too :)
    Enjoy Poppy!!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Hurrah for your mum's staycation! We hope you both have a wonderful break together!

  5. Woot! Have fun with Mum, Poppy! We hope you have a great staycation together1

  6. I hope your mum enjoys her staycation with you. You do look a bit grumpy though.

  7. Well, that does look rather cheerful - for you, Poppy... As for your mum, it's about time she had some days off. She has certainly earned them.