Saturday, July 6, 2019


Last week Caturday was warm enough to get the sheets dried outside but not today.  A southerly blew into town during the temperature to a cool 7 degrees with a biting wind and some heavy rain. 

Mum snuck out to catch up with a friend for lunch and to watch a movie, but was glad to head home early and be back by 5pm to pull the curtains and crank up the heater.  She fed the birdies before she left so that gave me something to watch.  Life is pretty simple for us here over the winter with not much happening but quiet hibernating.

We hope you all got to do something fun  for your Caturday.


  1. Mum's still feeding the birdies then Poppy!x
    Goodness! They must be getting 'nice' and 'fat',
    so keep yer eye on them..they may not be able
    to fly soon..HeHe! Bless!x

    Just gone mid~day over here and it's very, very hot,
    washing's all dry, ready to bring in, and l've had
    an early lunch, sat out on the patio, under the brolly,
    to hot, so came indoors, phew!
    Still..plenty of cold drinks in the fridge..! :o).

  2. Sweet Poppy you are looking wistful. Are you wishing it was summer?
    We had a nice day here and very quiet. Even a salad with salmon for lunch making it feel we are on the right way to summer. 🤗
    Am half way through a 1947 thriller and you are giving me a wee break. I do like old black and white movies and thrillers and mysterys which are too gruesome for me in new films.
    Hope you have better weather tomorrow Popski. xxx

    1. 1947...Jeeese! Year l was born...! :).
      HeHe! Here's a great film from 1947...
      Brighton Rock..It's a classic..not available
      on line..but here's the trailer...

  3. Hi Poppy. Hibernating is definitely a good way to while away the day in the winter. You and Mum stay warm, okay? Hugs!

  4. Happy Caturday, Poppy. Glad you got to watch the birdies while mum was out. We wish we could have your kind of weather today. It's so hot and humid here today. Thanks for the share. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  5. Up here a south wind is usually warm. I suppose yours comes straight from Antarctica. Brrr.