Sunday, July 7, 2019


Today I helped mum get distracted from watching the tv, doing some study, finishing the housework and reading her book.  It is a skill I am good at.  Of course that means I missed out on sleeping time 0 so I am very tired. 


  1. Poor Poppy missing out on valuable sleep time!

  2. Quick photo shoot and back to bed then Poppy!x :).

    I've just got back from the supermarket, lunch is
    on the go..partridge l expect Fudge will
    be round for a taste..naughty lad..!
    He does like to see what l'm George used
    to do that, and actually take meat off my plate...
    And the first pussy~cat l had..Darlinga..when l came
    back to this country used to do it as well..she used
    to love spaghetti..grab an end, then proceed to eat it,
    pasta sauce ALL over the place, then she'd sit on the
    settee and clean herself up..took ages..but l think she
    loved it..Bless her!x

  3. Poppy, dear, any lack of beauty sleep doesn't show in your appearance! You're looking particularly plush this season. Has mum increased your food-from-the-table allotment? Reading Willie's comment called my attention to the two large toms parked below my desk, eager to assist me with a breakfast bacon sandwich...even if this involves the effort of levitation.

  4. Do you think Poppy that mum just might love you a tiny bit? Ask her to sing to you “You are my Sunshine “ my grandma used to sing that to me when I was little. ☀️

  5. Poppy, you are so thoughtful and generous, helping distract Mum like that. :)