Monday, July 8, 2019


Evening folks!! Mum got out and fed the birdies after she got home from work.  The minute the sun goes down the heaters are on and curtains drawn.

I was a good girl today and am ready for my snoozing.


  1. Completely the opposite over here Poppy!x
    Up at six thirty this and
    doors thrown open, washing out on the line,
    breakfast out on the patio..popped into
    town, back home now, nearly ten, and Phew!
    It's a bit warm already, and the washing is
    nice and dry..! Job done! :).

  2. mum cap sured an awesum foto poppy q..... !!!

    N why iz her spendin monnee on SEED when her could be buyin ewe biscuitz....


  3. Beautiful sky. Mum feeds the birds too. I see lots of birdies every day.