Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mild Caturday

Mum got called in twice overnight and only got to bed at 5.30am.  She got a few hours sleep.  I woke her up at midday to say the day was nice and she should get up.

She did get up and did the chores which kept her busy.  It was mild enough to turn the heaters off and open the windows. I was busy here telling mum that it was almost certainly my dinner time at 3pm.

 Mum then spent the evening relaxing and getting ready in case she is out again tonight.


  1. You sound very vocal Poppy!x look it..looks as though your
    trying to say summat..! :).

    I've had a long morning..just got home,
    time for lunch, l'm a bit peckish, some
    cold meats in the fridge, so that will do
    for now..! ;).

  2. What did you say Pops? I just missed it. 😳. Oh , you saw What? 👻

  3. Your human has a stressful life. Just as well you are there to look after her.