Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Film Festival

Mums little staycation has coincided with the film festival.  She saw 2 yesterday and today was the busiest planned day with 3 movies.  So she is trying to get some good sleeps overnight so that she is not too tired.  A warm cinema tends to make mum nod off.

Mum ate at a local cafe for her lunch yesterday and had a subway sandwich today.  Tomorrow she has an early then late movie and as bad weather is forecast she thinks she will have time to visit the library and come home to have soup and a bagel for lunch.  Between movies she slips into the cinema bar with her book and has a quiet drink.  Her idea of a nice grown up holiday.


  1. Sounds like Mums having a good time Poppy!x
    All those films..You'll have to ask her what
    she saw..and tell us, nothing to frightening
    we hope..!

    Having a bad weather day over here, just the
    one..rain, wind, l have'nt bothered to go out,
    having a day in..plenty to do around my home!
    I might just settle down and watch a movie...
    Got three DVD's l have'nt seen yet..! :o).

  2. How wonderful and relaxing that sounds. That lounge looks like it would be very calming.
    Just what I would like. Life is a bit turbulent for me at the moment. I envy you.
    Mind you Poppy I feel sad that you are missing out on mums company. Still with snow predicted almost everywhere I am sure you will be very happy tucked up on your bags and napping all day.
    Do you have an indoor bathroom for those cold days?
    Did you see all those Dalmatian puppies on the news tonight? So cute . But definitely not as cute as you Pops. 💕

  3. poppy; sounds like mum iz havin a grate time; we hope de mooveez R good !! :) ♥♥

  4. I love home stations. What movies did you see? Must admit not looked at the festival yet.

  5. Hope your mum is liking all the movies.

  6. Film festivals are fun. Our #1 misses living in a big city where there would be such things!

    Tama and Genji

  7. I think your mum has a fun and interesting time planned.