Saturday, July 27, 2019


Mum was up at early o'clock this morning leaving home at 06.30am.  I stayed in bed and let her go out in the dark.

She got home though at 3.30pm which was nice.  The birds were happy too as mum gave them lots of food.  Can you see them waiting for their dinner?

  She was going to do some chores and then sit back and watch a movie, but after a shower she had to lie down and have a nap.  Oh well there is always tomorrow night.

We hope you have a nice Caturday and get to do something fun.


  1. It looks very dark your way Poppy. It was sunny here and I got some great mail. The complete works of Nancy Mitford which has several books in it and all for $35 and free postage. Have started it already. She wrote Love in a Cold Climate and that was a very funny movie.
    Also watched some DVDs of House which I enjoyed very much.
    I liked the photos of your birdies. Hope mum has a good sleep and you too Poppy. 😇😸

  2. Just got back from town..Phew! Another hot
    day..Thursdays temp. finished up at 38.2,
    not 39, but still a record from previous one
    of 36.
    Good thing is the washing l put out earlier
    is nice and dry..! :).

    Nice to see the birdies fattening up Poppy!x

  3. Happy Caturday, Poppy!! The birds must of been so happy with the food your mum gave them. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful and relaxing day hanging with mum.
    World of Animals