Sunday, July 21, 2019


Mum has had a quiet weekend - no going out, no shopping, no visiting, no visitors.  Instead there is a clean uniform ready to be worn tomorrow, all the dishes are washed and drying, library books are ready to go back to the library, parcels packed up ready for the post office, shopping list ready for the supermarket, clothes put into a bag for the charity shop and warn out clothes thrown out.  She is worn out now - time to come and lie down with me and read her book.


  1. I've just come back from the supermarket..
    Put all the shopping away..bunny rabbit for
    lunch to~day..
    Just off the give the bathroom a going over,
    so, l shall be bleaching this..bleaching that!
    HeHe! Love my bleach! :)

  2. Your mum had a very productive Sunday! Our human is still in her jammies (it's not yet 8 AM here), and is deciding whether she wants to bother getting dressed to go do something. :-P

    We hope you both have a terrific week, Poppy!

  3. I have just watched Bell Book and Candle. A favourite when I was a teen. In that photo Poppy you have the look of Pyewacket.
    Sure you are not a witch Poppy? 👻

  4. Your mom is ready for the new week to start. We know you were helping with everything she was doing this Sunday. Now time to relax the rest up with mom.Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. That sounds like a very good (and productive!) day for you and Mum, Poppy. We hope you're both having a nice night's rest.

  6. Usually once I arrange everything for the morrow, there is no time left for me...