Saturday, May 30, 2020

Caturday Night At The Movies - Making A Cat House

Its Caturday here, and we have had a quiet old day.  What was meant to be relaxing turned mum a bit annoyed as the team turned up to take the scaffolding down from around the house, with hours worth of hammering and banging, but at least it is mainly over now.  So mum stuck her headphones on and watched some videos and read her book, and I snoozed on the pillow beside her. 

She thought if you were bored at home during lockdown you might want to consider a new hobby of house building?  A good way to use up some of those boxes before they can be picked up for recycling.  Our rubbish team haven't picked up recycling for a couple of weeks, but it is slowly returning to normal now.

Enjoy your Caturday.


  1. That is amazing Poppy!x
    But..l think you'll have to ask Mum for
    a bit of help making a bit to
    much on your own..! ;).'ll have to make the front door,
    bigger, you'll never get your shopping bag
    through it otherwise..Bless!x Loved it...! :).

  2. Oh, Lawd, the very sight of wet carpenter's glue in close proximity to a waving feline tail gives me palpitations! Danger, Poppy, danger!

  3. Precious needs thumbs for this job, and I agree with Beth, glue! But fun
    for an energetic mum to make for our kitties.
    Glad your scaffolding is gone and maybe no more noise to interrupt any naps
    for both of you.

  4. Ooh, we gotta get our mom and dad busy on one of these, Poppy!