Saturday, May 16, 2020


 Mum was just about to leave home to go out for the first post lockdown lunch out, when she checked out her website to see that John from I Have Three Cats had done a post.  She only got a chance to have a quick glance, she could not bear to read more as she knew she may not be able to hold back the tears during lunch.  John wrote about his lovely cats who both took their journey to the bridge on Friday.
His sweet princess - Miss Cammie who although had struggled with tummy troubles for a long time and had  had a stroke a year ago, outlived the predictions mad for her.  What a sweet girl - we will miss her.
And Mr Raleigh, who John rescued from his work place after he was found living rough.  His place as a foster at the cosy apartment was soon cemented as a family regular and even though his time in his new home was short, we can tell from many of the photos posted that the boy was happy to be warm with a full tummy and well loved.

So sweet friends, we will miss you but know that you will be greeted at the bridge by your friends who have gone before you.   Rest in Peace Princess and Peachy.


  1. I also saw John's post a while ago and was in tears reading it. I had hoped Cammie could overcome her second stroke. The way it affected her this time was identical to Eric. Raleigh had too short a time, but it was filled with love and care. I am still in tears now.

  2. Oh! My! Goodness! Poppy!x
    You've got me going yet again..Yes! l saw
    this first thing..Have'nt been following
    John that long, but, like you and Mum,
    John's pussy~cats cats have become part
    of my daily life, and l look forward to
    reading of their adventures..!
    I will miss them..very..very much! :(.

  3. I've been visiting I have three cats for a few years. It is always sad to see that
    another much love pet is gone.