Monday, May 18, 2020

Guess What?

Guess  what mum allowed back  on the bed?


  1. Guess what! What..He invented steam engines...
    Oh! No! That was Watt..James Watt...! ;).

    What has Mum allowed 'back' on the bed...?
    Your paws..? Is it a shopping bag..?
    I can see it a cover..? Oh! l don't
    know..! :(.
    Is there a prize..? HeHe! :o).

    1. Ah! I'm fairly sure it's a shopping bag...
      I've looked back to about a 1,000 previous
      posts..HeHe! No! No! Yes! Yes!
      Shopping bag..? :).

  2. Your shopping bag! We think that's what it is, too! :-)

  3. It has to be the favorite of all times, the shopping bag! Is this to be
    your winter treat? Looking good in the paws, Poppy.

  4. Good Heavens, why was it ever NOT allowed? A cat must have her things about her.

  5. poppy Q; if that is not a shopping bag then call me shopping bag something....and ok that doesn't make sense but I know what I'm thinking in my head if that makes sense with hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥3☺☺