Tuesday, May 12, 2020


We are lucky.  No covid cases in our country again today.   So from Thursday  there is more freedom  and fun.  Cafes and shops, hairdressers, cinemas,  libraries  and restaurants  can open up and on Mondays kids can go back to school.  Fingers crossed  this will last and things will feel more normal as each week goes by.

We hope too that the builders and painters can bring all of  their pals and get this job done.


  1. So glad for you all that things are improving. We are relaxing a bit with hair salons opening and
    outside dining. Yesterday the public library started offering curbside book pick up and I used it!
    But our country still has too many new cases. I'm worried it will all just explode with the virus.
    Hope your home gets finished on the outside soon. Poppy you look like a great fore-cat for over seeing the

  2. Bit all over the place over here Poppy!x
    Boris has made statements..of course the
    media are making a song and dance about
    it..Sounds quite straight forward to me!
    I'm not going anywhere soon anyway..!

    Yes! Let's hope the builders finish up
    soon..Mum does'nt want to start buying
    Christmas presents for them, does she..! :o).

  3. The best of luck that things will continue to improve in your country, Poppy.

  4. I'm envious that your country has it so together! Granted, New Zealand is much smaller than the country we live in, and it's more complicated to get things done here, but still, the approach here has been so messed up and so many wrong turns taken. It's sad. I don't know if our country will ever recover from this (or the past three years).

  5. ppopy Q....we hope yur countree ree manez vy ruzz free....therz still a lotta it goin on heer in de statez !! ~~~~

  6. That is good news that your country is able to lift some restrictions.
    Some are lifted here from Wednesday, but how can they do that when another 684 people died in the last 24 hours.
    It is far too early and most people agree.

  7. Poppy and Mum Julie, that is wonderful news, and we are so happy for New Zealand. We are purring that the trend of no cases continues. XO

  8. Hope things keep going well for y'all.