Thursday, May 14, 2020

Feet Up

Mum is on the couch with her feet  up and eating a thai chicken  curry  and watching  these guys.


  1. It's Chinese take~away here Poppy!x
    My next door neighbour always orders
    to much Chinese, so Jackie, always
    brings round leftovers..Goodness!
    So much of it, they ordered some
    last weekend, and brought a load
    round, l've just finished the 4th
    and final helping from the original
    lot..Four meals l've had out of it..
    But! Then..l never say no..! :o).

    I'm still enjoying yesterdays photo..! :).
    Is that Tom Cruise..No! Can't stand him..! :(.

  2. That was a very entertaining movie back in the day. When films were longer
    and had some story to them. Today's movies can be lacking sometimes.
    Glad you and mum had movie time together, Poppy. Raining here in Ohio, but
    finally the freeze is over. We are to start having Spring temps, jsut before
    Summer starts!

  3. Replies
    1. Old one. The new one is out later? Maybe this year?

  4. Mum has been feet up most of the evening too but not really watching anything special.

  5. Definitely a classic! I've watched this lots of times over the years, and looking forward to how they do the remake. Hugs, RO