Monday, May 25, 2020


Check out this tshirt from ETSY that mum found here.   She's going to remember that line when people ask her if she has kids.

Mums sleep in was disturbed this morning by a solid earthquake just before 8am. It was a quick one, with nothing falling down or disturbed here, just a rumble and shake.    So she got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed to read her book.  It rained all day, and the painters did stay away so she was able to stay in her sweats all day and just read and relax. She cooked some dumplings for her lunch and some pumpkin soup for her dinner.   I mooched about and slept when she slept and slept when she was awake.  It is a good life being a cat.


  1. Saw your PM on BBC TV this morning Poppy!x
    As she was talking the stage behind her
    started to wobble..she made a bit of fun
    about was funny though..! :).

    That must be a favourite word of ALL
    pussy~cats..Sleep..slept..HeHe! :). all have a great life..Bless!x

  2. Oh, we're glad the earthquake wasn't serious! Still scary, we think.

    We LOVE that saying on the tee-shirt! The human wishes she had that years ago when she was young! Lol.

  3. I am glad there was no damage caused by the earthquake. Sounds like you did a lot of sleeping, Poppy.

  4. Yep, with your mum on no kids in my life. Too much time has to be spent
    on the kitty always. Can't imagine earth quakes as part of life. Glad
    it was not life threatening. We celebrate Memorial Day for our past and
    current armed force veterans. No parades, no gatherings, so sad.

  5. Poppy, dear, until lockdown I'd no idea that my feline housemates really do sleep 'round the clock -- in very odd places and positions.

  6. I'm glad the earthquake was just a jolt - we get them here too, so we know what it's like.

  7. Geez, earthquakes... I'm glad it wasn't a serious one - if any earthquake can't be serious...