Sunday, May 17, 2020


We are almost finishing our Sundaying  while many if you are waiting  for it to begin.  Washing  was put outside, but it is hard to get it dry now and we are almost st the dry inside stage.  Mum hoovered- it has become a 3 time a week job with dust from the builders and painters  sneaking in through the doors and winters.  Has mum and I told you we will be pleased when they are finished?

Mum did an easy exercise program  today - she needs to get stretching and moving more and so is starting  gentle.  She is not as flexible  as she should be and needs to reduce the covid kilos.

 I begged for my dinner at 2.45pm, and mum is just giving  in now.  She figures that if I want it I can have it.  She's  only starting  hers at 6.30pm.  Lamb chops with baked sweet potatoes  and carrots  and broccoli.   Lots of veg for her.

Dark autumn  nights mean earlier  nights for me and mum.  I tucked  myself up onto my  quilt at 3pm.  Night night.


  1. Yes! It's nearly eight in the morning over here Poppy!x
    Though l had my first lemon tea at 6:30..went back to bed,
    watched the news for half an hour!
    Up and about now! :). Time for breakfast, once again, it's
    already nice and warm enough to eat out on the patio..Fudge,
    will probably be round, nosing on my plate at my egg and bacon..
    He's partial to a bit of bacon..! :).
    And..Pizza for lunch..strange l a change from roast
    sometimes on a Sunday..!

    So, better say a quick 'Nite Nite' Before you both drop off...! :).

  2. Oh my goodness gracious, that is one of the most adorable snoozy photos I've ever seen!

  3. Early dinner, Poppy, means early bedtime. Your mum'd dinner sounds tasty to me, but
    not to Precious! Our Sunday is 1/2 over, but oh, it is finally Spring time warm and
    sunny. I have waited since October for this. Show mum how to do the right kind of
    stretches, Poppy, we know kitties have it down pat.

  4. That sounds like a pretty good Sunday for you and Mum, Poppy. Happy snoozing, sweet friend. XO

  5. Look at your sweet little face all curled up there Poppy. Yes we are having early nights too & the temps this week are for chilly!!