Thursday, May 28, 2020


Mum took a day off today.  Weeks ago mum injured her shoulder, she thinks it was when got bumped  on the bus.  At the time she just got s couple  of  sharp twinges .  The past few weeks though it has been more painful  and mum can't  move it very well.  Last week she went to the physiotherapist to get some exercises  to help. 

It was sore at the weekend  so she took a days leave to rest it today.  So only a few chores were done and mum just rested with me.  She has one more days work and then a 3 day weekend  to take it easy.  The forecast is for  a rainy few days, so mum will be happy to stick close to home and keep me company .


  1. What a lovely photo Poppy!x
    You look like an angel..without wings..! :).

    Tell Mum..that 'Uddermint' is very good Poppy!x
    And..Yes! It is for what it's called, but, it
    is great for human use..l've used on my neck for
    arthritis for years, much better than the other
    run of the mill stuff you buy off the shelves..!
    Cool and it smells nice to..get Mum to
    Google it..!

    Phew! Very hot over here..all set for another week
    of it, if we can ever get out, over this new search
    and the moment it's not mandatory, but, it
    might be..! The scientist say it'll only help by 5% it worth it..think the government just make
    it up as they go's even worse in
    America..! HeHe! "Nuff Said"..

    You both have a lovely weekend..lot's of cuddles!

  2. I hope your mum's shoulder is soon feeling better.

  3. Oh, Poppy, so sorry to hear mum has a bad shoulder. Do hope it eases up
    soon. Don't let her help paint or take down the scaffoding!

  4. Poppy, dear, perhaps you might help your mum cope with shoulder pain by demonstrating some easy cat yoga stretches?

  5. We hope your mum feels better soon. No doubt your company will help her heal!

  6. Those injuries that don't seem like much at the time can sometimes catch up to you. It's best that your mum is taking a day off; she may need more than one. She doesn't want to make it worse.

  7. poppy Q....pleez ta tell mum ta take it eazee with her food gurlz mom cracked her shoulderz N dinna let it heel rite...then it cracked sum mor.... YOW !!!!!!

  8. Yep, mum says rest. There are days mum even takes it easy on the ankle.