Friday, May 8, 2020


Look a ray of sunshine!! Actually  it was s nice mild day.  Mum slept in, and then got herself up to get the chores underway.  Uniforms and undergarments  were washed and put on the line.  A bit of stripping  was done  - the bed that is, and sheets washed.  Dishes done  and carpets cleaned.  The mower  man came and cut down 8 weeks worth  of grass and the builder came and tidied up some wood - maybe a sign he may be done and the painters can come?

Mum really wanted  a nap but today she resisted, so fingers crossed  she will sleep better tonight.   There was leftover chicken and salad for her supper and time for a movie Ad Astra - boring, but Brad Pitt (2/5), and a BBC Crime show McDonald & Dodd - set in Bath, wonderful.

So now it is almost midnight  and I need to help mum make the bed and give her a little  snuggle.


  1. HeHe! Bless! You and Mum have had a busy
    day Poppy!x I'm so glad you've stopped
    waving..Goodness! :).

    I popped out first thing..chemist and
    supermarket, chemist was closed, it's
    a bank holiday over here..l forgot..! :(.

    Does'nt seem there will be any let up
    on Lockdown over here..we will know on's far to early, 600~800
    people are dying every day, most in
    Europe..Leave it as it is...!

  2. Every little ray of sun is welcome, Poppy.
    It was overcast this morning but sunny and warm now, so hopefully my washing will dry too

  3. How your mum gets so much done in a day astounds me. Even when I spend a whole day on chores, I don't seem to accomplish as much.

    And...eight weeks of grass? Wow.

  4. Poppy, did you have personal items airing outside on the clothes line for
    the yard man to see? Glad your jungle got mowed. As we are trying ( emphasize the
    trying) to get into warmer weather, our yardmen are able to mow so no hay fields yet.
    Glad you get a cuddle with mum.

  5. When you said stripping I nearly had a heart attack lol
    Glad you had some sunshine it always makes you feel better when the sun is out