Saturday, May 23, 2020


Hey friends.  Mum was at work late again tonight.  She has come home and already eaten a half a packet of salami bites and a caramel biscuit.  A full tummy will help her sleep.  I have a tummy full of feast , so I'll  sleep well too.


  1. Now! Poppy!x You must tell Mum..not to go
    to bed on a full tummy..Or eat anything
    after seven o'clock in the evening....!
    I must confess, l sometimes have a bowl
    of Muesli, before bed, l sleep better on
    a full tummy..though they say it's bad
    for you..
    What is it they say.."Eat like a king in
    the morning, a queen at lunchtime, and a
    knave in the evening"..
    Well..I'm no queen..or a l must
    be a king..Now! Where did l put that side
    of beef..! :o).

  2. Sounds like you both needed a bite to eat. Hope mum gets through the late shift and
    gets a day off with you. We finally are out of 5 days of rain and have sun!

  3. Sleep well little Poppy ... look at your sweet little face. xx

  4. I know one isn't supposed to eat just before bed, but I do, too: I find that an empty stomach is just not comfortable to sleep on.