Sunday, May 3, 2020


Today was a great day for resting  as the wind was whipping  the rain around outside and mum had to go off to work.  It was  dark when she left and dark on the way home.  Mum poured herself a large vodka and lemonade  and watched the news, happy knowing that she has a day off tomorrow.

She had been wanting  to try a new recipe and tonight  was the night.  She made a lime and coriander rice and a chicken saagwala  curry.  It is not too spicy and has onions, tomatoes and spinich made up into a tasty sauce.  Mum liked it a lot and finds it a good  way to get all of her veg in one serving.  She did not take a photo as the curry although delicious resembles baby pooh.

Mum has used almost managed  to use up almost every dish and utensil  in the kitchen.  She also broke a blue mixing bowl that she likes to use, and is unable  to replace as they were made over 30 years ago.  It is amazing how glass shatters after falling onto kitchen tiles.  So she spent the remaining  part of the evening  hoovering  the kitchen .  Lucky  mum.


  1. The curry sounds really nice Poppy!x
    Not had that one, though l have my personal
    and private curry pot, had it years, it's
    never washed out..Oh! Sorry! Yes! Twice last's topped up from time to time, with
    leftovers, meats, of course, not only pork,
    beef etc..but game..rabbit, pheasant, duck!
    So, overall it's mine and very hot..!
    HeHe! Don't know why l say personal..there's
    no one here to steal it..! :). But! l do like the extras..chopped onion, pickle,
    chopped tomato, curry sauce, Nan bread..!
    Oh! And a beer..! Must'nt forget the beer...! :).

    That's awful, when you break summat, you've had
    for years, it's like loosing an old, last week
    l broke, or l knocked it off the serving hatch,
    the pink container with the Earl Gray tea in...
    There a set of three, tea, sugar, coffee..but
    l keep Green tea in the coffee one, l've had
    those 42yrs..when l moved in here..then l knocked
    onto the floor..really upset me..still..l've got
    two left..HeHe! Bless!

  2. Bummer with breaking a favorite bowl. You get used to things and now to find a something to replace it that is just as good.

  3. My heart sank reading about the broken bowl. I know what that's like. During a move ten years ago, the only item that the movers broke was a glass IV bottle (complete with gradations in the glass) that came home with me when I was born. They could have smashed anything else...