Monday, May 4, 2020


Today was the first day that there were zero reported  Covid 19 cases here in New Zealand.   A good sign that our measures are working and that things may return  to usual  soon here .  We know that we will be dealing  with this for some time yet, but we are pleased that our numbers  are falling. 

Mum got to have the day off with me.  It started out with the builders bashing round with hammers and saws for 2 hours   mum got  some washing  done and tidied up the kitchen, just the usual  boring jobs.  The good thing is that mum is getting  her sleeping  patterns  back to normal.  Meanwhile it has rained off and on - a good day for  staying  home as instructed. 


  1. Ours have dropped a little..government are having
    a meeting on Thursday, with a statement next
    Sunday on partial release on Lockdown..I think
    it's to early myself..! :(.

    Goodness Poppy!x You still got builders there,
    what are they doing..building The Great Wall of
    New Zealand..! HeHe! We've got builders over here,
    just the same..Still..l expect they've been laid
    off cos of the virus..!

    Good news your getting back to normal, hope the
    rest of the world gets back to normal very soon,
    lets hope so..God Bless!x

  2. Can't wait to see the house when they are finished. Hopefully a lovely
    color. Wonderful news that covid 19 is lessening in NZ. We hope to have
    doctor offices, veterinarians, and dentist open this week. Everything
    else is on hold.

  3. wavez two ewe poppy Q !!! we hope thiz findz ewe N mum doin sooper grate N yur happee N healthee....we iz buzzed happee yur covid cazez two day bee zero !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  4. Poppy, dear, the good news about New Zealand's success in fighting Covid19 is especially welcome as the numbers soar here in the states. We've been especially concerned about our friends, like your mum, who are first-responders. Help her get some much needed rest; now, while she can.

  5. This is such good news, Poppy! I'm very happy for New Zealand.

  6. New Zealand has handled this crisis well, and continues to do so. It shows what can be done with good government and a smart population.

  7. That is wonderful news, Poppy! We are so happy for New Zealand!