Friday, May 29, 2020

Sleepy Cat

Mum found this cool picture on ETSY called Sleepy Cat.   It perfectly shows our plans for the weekend.  There is lots of rain due, so mum is going to take it easy and rest her sore shoulder.  How about you - big plans?


  1. HeHe! How is Mum gonna read any books
    Poppy!x if yer gonna lay on top of them..! ;).

    No big plans, plenty of sunshine forecast, and
    for all of next week..! :).
    The government have just said that six people,
    friends, family etc..can get together in their
    gardens, so Grandparents can now visit family,
    and Grandchildren..etc..though they must stay two
    metres apart still..Football is back on the 17th...
    Open air markets can it's going in the right
    direction..hope there making the right decisions, cos
    477 people still died the UK it's now
    up and over 36,000 died..! :(.

  2. Lots of rain here this Spring. Spring has been washed away.
    Precious got to open a new bag of dry food last night, loved it
    and this morn got a bit extra before she went to sleep under the bed.
    Have a snuggly weekend, Poppy.

  3. poppy Q; mum did findz a grate picture !!! thiz week oh end; we iz gonna watch out de windowz while de food gurl werks... pullin weedz N stuff like that....we mite even laff at her !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  4. No big plans. A little outside work, some inside cleaning, laundry, reading, napping.

  5. Well, considering that our whole country is rioting, I think we're gonna stay home!

  6. Poppy, dear, that picture closely resembles my big gray tabby tom, Simon McBogle; and it does depict our plans for the weekend.

  7. The cat in the picture looks like you, Poppy...