Friday, May 15, 2020


After 7 weeks mum supported a local business, by buying  a burger, fries and strawberry  milkshake  on the way home from work.  After cooking every other meal for herself it felt so decadent  to be buying  food someone else made and mum dud enjoy it.  It was a  kiwi beef burger with bacon, egg, salad and beetroot  relish.

 In order to go into the shop to pick up food  or any other items you have to leave your contact  details.  Why the burger shop needed to know mums age is a mystery.  Surely  name, phone  number and email is enough? 

It did feel weird for mum to be in a shop too, as the only place she has been in 7 weeks is the supermarket.  The library opened  yesterday but mum only popped in quickly  to drop off her read books, she still has a big pile to read.


  1. What a nice treat; yum! Agreed, though, it was weird to ask for age--maybe for legal liability? In that case they need only ask if you're over 18 or whatever New Zealand's legal adult age is. Here in Canada you can't ask someone's age directly, though you can ask if you're over the age of 18 or you can ask for an age range.

    More things are opening up in our province tomorrow and Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in Canada, Victoria Day), but restaurants still can't open for dining in. They've been able to stay open for drive-through take-out or delivery, though, via one of the several food delivery service apps. I'm looking forward to being able to walk into a Starbucks for a tea latté to go! :-)

    Take care, have a great weekend, both of you.

  2. mmmmmM! I enjoy a burger now and again..though l prefer
    to make my own, then l know what's in can never
    be sure with those take~aways..! :(.

    I've just enjoyed a mackerel out on the patio..popped
    into town earlier, for bread..and saw two for sale, and
    quite cheap..£2..(4:08 New Zealand Dollars)..Very nice!
    Save the other for tomorrow..! :).

    Various places opening over here, bit all over the place
    with rules and regulations..I still think it's to early
    for it all..there's 4~5~600 people a day dying over here..
    It's difficult to know who's advice is best to follow!

  3. What a decadent treat for mum! Like you having Temptations! Our library opened for
    curbside pick up on Monday, so I returned old and got lots new. I miss going inside.

  4. poppy Q; that iz a bit odd they asked mum her age... her meel soundz grate tho N we due hope her shared a friez ore 7 with ewe ☺☺♥♥

  5. it seems bizarre that small shops need to get details but large supermarkets are not

  6. I don't know about New Zealand, but here where we live (at least, our city), they started to allow people to buy alcoholic drinks with their takeout. Maybe they needed your human's age because it was something that automatically needed to be filled in, even though she just got a milkshake.