Friday, May 1, 2020


Mum was up early to head to work this morning.   The walk to work is not very scenic with lots of boring office  buildings.   She takes a bus home, and comes a different  way past a few old houses with some flowers still blooming.  She wishes  she had a green thumb, but alas she has no gardening  skills.  She gets to admire other people flowers though which makes the end of her day much better.


  1. I'm the same Poppy!x
    I'm no gardener, that's for sure, l keep the
    grass cut, the privet hedge trimmed, and do a
    few hanging baskets for the summer, but, with
    this lockdown, there are'nt any plants about yet!
    I like to grow pansies, there my most favourite
    flower, they seem to do o.k. in the baskets..
    And..I do enjoy my house plants, l've quite a few
    about the house, l do very well with them..!

    And..l agree with Mum, l like to see a nice garden,
    and l've been round quite a few in my time, even if
    l have to pay..! :).

  2. Actually, your mum has it better this way. No garden work and still
    lots of beautiful flowers to gaze at while going or coming.
    I don't do much more than large potted plants on the patio. the herd
    of 20 deer here eat everything, even plants they are supposed to not like!

  3. I have no gardening skills myself, though I do love looking at the gardens of those who have.