Thursday, April 30, 2020


The weather  is turning a bit.  We have had sunshine  and mild sunny days of 15 degC.  But, when  the sun goes down the temperature  drops by half, and mum is turning  the heaters on and she is glad to get into a warm bed at night with a chubby cat who needs a night time cuddle.

She made it to the supermarket  today. 5/5 of no waiting in the 5 times she has been.  She got lots if vege today as she is feeling  that she has eaten too many carbs in the past 5 weeks.  Time to ease back before she can't  squeeze  her pants on.  She figures she has had 7 servings of fruit  and vegetables  today  - a good start.


  1. No wait times at the grocery store is great!

    Ohhh, no comments about all the carbs being eaten (and sugar) during our lockdown. I don't think I *can* get into my pants, and I already have stretchy ones. LOL. I've been living in Yoga-style pants. :-P

  2. We are on our second day of rain..
    And as l look through the Paddington
    very hard..! :(.

    I have to pop out tomorrow, just to
    pick up a prescription..I'll have a
    look round the supermarket, while it's
    being made up..not allowed to stay in
    the chemist and wait for your medicine!
    Half hour, it'll be done..! :).

    Who's the chubby cat who needs a night
    time cuddle..? Anyone we know...! HeHe!

  3. 3 good things for you and mum. She got to the store easily, better daytime temps
    and a good cuddle with the warm kitty! I am sure mum will enjoy the fresh produce.
    That is the only reason I have put on my mask and gloves and gone out lately.

  4. Been chilly here too - but also mild for this time of year - we lite fire and the house heats up real quick - wish that was so for winter. Good no ques for you! We still getting food delivered via New World. MMM elastic in pants are working hard here too.

  5. The weather is turning a bit here, too, but the other way: it's starting to warm up. I don't mind that. Our winter was not severe, but it was long.

  6. Mum is trying to eat healthy too. but the other stuff tastes so good.