Saturday, April 11, 2020


Mum made a mess dragging out piles of  summer clothes and replacing  them with long pants, merino knitwear and boots ready for winter.   The bed was covered  with only a little  space for me.  She washed  all the towels and did a pile of dishes.  Now she has made another  pile of clothes  that need washing.  For one person she  makes a lot of mess. She listened to a couple of podcasts while she sorted  stuff out - Table Manners with Jessie Ware kept her laughing.

She was tempted  to go to  the  supermarket,  but more out of boredom then anything.  She does have enough  supplies  to get her through until Monday  or  Tuesday  after work.  She is doing her best to just  stay home on her days off. 

Instead she mooched about with me, and we had  a little  walk around  the garden.  Aren't  we lucky to have some outdoor  space to relax in?


  1. I tend to wash as l go Poppy!x
    I never accumulate piles of washing..
    I don't have a washing machine..Hate
    them, they ruin cloths, o.k. for quilt
    covers, sheets etc..But NOT for cloths,
    l wash everything by hand as did my Mum.
    I still have cloths from the 60's that
    have retained their colour, and shape..
    So..No! You can keep yer washing machines..! :(.
    HeHe! I can hear your Mum saying..what a silly
    man that Willie is..! :o).

    I've just had lunch out on the patio..liver, bacon,
    onions, and baby potatoes..! Think l'll have pizza
    for tea..and maybe a glass of wine..or two..or three!
    Enjoy yer garden you two..l shall spend most of the
    afternoon out in mine..! :o).

  2. The nice thing about a fur coat like you and Precious, you do not have to
    go through the seasonal clothing sort. Glad your mum had the time to sort
    it all and hope you have a mild winter. I am fully stocked so I will avoid
    stores for the next 2 weeks. My area has only 6 cases of virus up till now
    and we pray that it will not increase.

  3. Hi Poppy. Humans definitely are messy; you should see the biped! (And she's already tidy by human standards.)

    As for boredom, we get it. The biped hopped on transit this AM for the quick ride to the transfer/shopping point (she was the only one on the bus, fortunately). Mostly just to get out, because she's getting stir-crazy. She was going to pick up a few things at the grocery store, but the lineup to get in...! She said forget it and walked home.

    Happy Easter to you both, keep well and stay safe. ♥

  4. Mum hasn't fully don't the clothes switch, but less to do since only a few dress tops. Your country has done so much better with this virus thingy. Heck your PM even knows the Easter Bunny is essential.

  5. That clothes-switching thing always makes thing a bit messy here, too, Poppy. We hope you and Mum enjoy her days off. Yes, and it's wonderful you have some outdoor space. :)

  6. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs
    There is always a mess before the final clean
    Yes we are lucky to have yards to get out into and enjoy the fresh air
    Stay well

  7. You and your human are fortunate to have some yard to wander in. We do too and it makes a big difference.