Monday, April 13, 2020


Mum struggled  with the 5.40am alarm this morning.   The wind was relentless  last night but mum was  glad to find it had died away this morning.   It was nice that mums whole team were there at work and to start the day having a laugh with them.

After work mum only had a little  energy to vacuum  the carpets and make a grocery list.  Oh and to brush my furs and talk  to me cos that's important.

Is it sad to say that she is excited that Greys Anatomy  is restarting  again tonight?


  1. I jump in the car and went up the supermarket
    at eight this morning, not many about, first
    time l'd been out since last Wednesday week!
    Still..all stocked up again..just enjoying
    a lemon tea..hope there's a good film on
    to~day, l think The Robe is on this afternoon,
    so, l'll settle down and watch that..! :).

  2. We had really high winds last night, my boys get very naughty when it's windy and chase each other up and down the stairs like wild horses.
    Take care. xxx

  3. It is very windy here too. I can't sleep with the windows shut and even though the top were only open a little bit it was blowing the curtains almost horizontal. It is still very windy today but the sun is shining.
    I get excited about all sorts of things since lockdown. I got excited when my friend delivered my shopping today(from a safe distance)! She was going to get it tomorrow but the store looked quiet so she went in today. Now I can have my salad for lunch and my fresh fruit for breakfast tomorrow!

  4. Windy here in Ohio, 50 mph with rain. Spring is so slow to really break out
    into warmth. Glad mum has a good work team and all sound healthy now.
    you get the fur fluffed and mum gets some TV time. Enjoy.

  5. It was a windy day here today too. Plus cold, it got cold again.

  6. I always have to find the energy to scoop litter-boxes, sweep, vacuum and feed the cats before I feed myself. Then I relax for twenty minutes before starting my chores.