Friday, April 24, 2020

You Nana

Mum had her dinner at 5pm of chicken  schnitzel  with coleslaw, watched half the news and then fell asleep  on the couch  like a real nana.

When she was a little  girl, she would sometimes  stay with her nana who lived round the corner from her house, to make sure she didn't nod off on a Saturday  night.  Her nana was sweet and would let her sleep  in in the morning  and let her have chocolate  cereal  in the morning.   Her nana would have only been in her fifties when this happened, not old at all. So mum doesn't  feel too bad at her own snooze behavior  as it runs in the family.   Also she did night  shifts this week and it takes  her body a lot longer to recover now.


  1. Your mum has good memories. And she deserves a snooze when she can get it.
    Best thing is you watching over her. Bet you do not want chocolate cereal, Poppy.

  2. Doctors now say, that a short snooze is a
    good thing for the over 50's in the afternoon..
    I wish l could, the only way l can sleep is in
    bed..or laying flat, even on a floor, l could
    sleep on..though long time since l've done that!
    What makes things worse, is that l'm a very light
    sleeper..wake up at the slightest thing..!
    HeHe! So keep the noise down Poppy!x

  3. Sleeping in and chocolate cereal... that sounds like our #1!

    Tama and Genji

  4. Snoozing are a good thing - I do it all da time!

  5. I know how your mum and her nana felt, Poppy...