Sunday, April 26, 2020


Doesn't  every day feel like Sunday  at the moment?   Mum was taking  photos  of some of the plants  on her way home and took this one.  Somehow  she changed the background  to black  and white with a filter - and doesn't  know how she did it.  Some technology  is tricky  for her now and it makes her feel old.


  1. It's very artistic, looks good!

    I don't know if every day feels like Sunday to me, since I'm working from home through the week. It's the weekends that feel meaningless to me know, since I'm in the house all the time anyway, except for walks and a very occasional run to the grocery store or pharmacy.

    Take care; stay well.

  2. Yes! Your quite right Poppy!x
    Everyday does feel like Sunday,
    still..that's not to bad, l just
    have a roast dinner every day...
    HeHe! Roast partridge to~day,
    still, nice, sunny and warm over, spending a lot of time
    in the garden..the Privet needs
    cutting next week, and the grass
    keeps plenty to do!

    Love the photo, came out really
    well..l've taken photos, of say
    something l want to sent, l take
    4~5 see which is the best, and
    one is on it's side..the others
    are o.k.
    That's technology for you..! :).

  3. Poppy, dear, please tell your Mum that photo is worthy of framing! And hanging! (That's my criteria for art: would I hang it in my home.)

  4. I like it with the black and white background. It makes the plant stand out.

  5. Yep, technology is a blessing and a curse. Like the photo of the flower anyway
    it turned out. Have a great day Poppy, and lots of treats.

  6. So artsy! Poppy, our humans are having trouble keeping track of what day it is. This working from home and shelteruing in place is confusing.