Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wordless Wednesday - Washing Day


  1. I've put out a few things on the last
    three mornings..and all dry by lunch
    time..the weather is really nice over
    here..but still chilly..!

    I'm popping up to the supermarket a bit
    later, just a few things l need..first
    time out since last Thursday..! Got my
    mask ready, l look as though l'm going
    to rob a bank wearing it..they'll know
    it's me..especially the way l dress!
    HeHe! Once seen...! :).
    Take care now!x

  2. Sunshine for your mum's clothes! Wonderful! And you Poppy, getting
    sun through the window. Enjoy that moment of contentment you both
    must be sharing.
    Dark and damp here. But Spring time is trying to show.

  3. Gotta have clean stuff to wear.

  4. We bet you'll snoopervise Mum putting the sheets on the bed when they're done, Poppy.