Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day Off

Mum enjoyed  another  day  off  home with me.  She washed the towels and was so proud of herself getting  out and washing the windows.  I stayed in my bed most of the day as it was cold.

Soup for lunch and leftovers for dinner.  Mum had roasted some Kumar's (sweet potato) and carrots which might become  her new favorite  side dish .  Me I had biscuits  and feast like every other day.

Mum is excited it is Friday tomorrow.   Movie night on the couch   Friday night drinks and a bag of chips for a good night in.  Are your folks planning a fun Friday  night?


  1. So pleased to hear Mum is relaxing a bit Poppy!x
    And you must be enjoying having Mum home..! :).

    I shall settle down later for a bit of TV..
    'Last of the Summer Wine' for early evening...
    Then usually documentaries on BBC4 later on!
    Tomorrow Friday be much the same perhaps...
    At least l'm not bored, plenty to do, and
    the evenings are lighter now..! ;).

  2. I got up 4 hours ago to Thursday still! I have to wait for
    Friday night a full day longer than you, Poppy. But I have
    sunshine today for the 1st time in 5 days! And Precious is
    sleeping through it all. Mum's sweet potatoes and carrots would
    be on my list, but Precious is like you with the crunchies, as we call them.
    Hope you both have a nice weekend.

  3. My human is having a fun Friday night - she's going to a goth dance party on Zoom!

  4. Glad your mum had a good day off.

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  6. I usually clean the apartment on Friday evenings - fun, fun, fun. My movie-night is Saturday night. Much better.