Sunday, April 5, 2020


Ok mum I am nice and comfy here.  You go off to  work.  I'll  keep the bed warm for when you get home.

Actually  I usually  hear mum coming  down the steps and am at the door waiting  for her when she gets home, ready for my dinner.


  1. Ah! Bless! You do watch over your Mum Poppy!x
    As long as you get your fest at the end of it..! :).

    I've just finished my lunch.Roast pheasant..Phew!
    and l had just a can of's quite warm out
    on the patio..No Fudge to~day, have'nt seen him all
    day..he's usually round, as he likes pheasant, and
    steals it off my plate..gravy and all..Bless!

    Settle down later for a bit of TV..four episodes
    of Andrew Zimmern at four..all new l'll
    be glued to them..! :).

  2. Aww, Poppy, you take good care of your mum. ♥

    (You take good care of each other!)

    Keep safe and well. Sending lots of purrs and Universal Light to you both.

  3. We are glad you and Mum are doing okay, Poppy. Stay safe and be healthy/ XO

  4. Ready for your dinner, Poppy? Three of mine meet me at the door, and I can't tell what they are welcoming, me or the meals I'll get them. I'll pretend it's me.

  5. Dinner time? Hope mum is well and she isn't working too hard at the hospital.