Friday, April 17, 2020

Unmade Bed

Sometimes mum leaves the bed unmade when she climbs  out of bed as I like to  snuggle  up in the covers.  It is raining and cool here which  mum doesn't  mind as she is on the night  shift tonight, and it is the best weather  for sleeping  in during  the day. Dark and cool are much easier for snuggling in and trying to snooze.

 She hasn't  done much today  it has been quite the lazy week this week.  We guess that everyone  has little  motivation  at the moment for doing a lot .  How about you all?  Just taking it easy.


  1. It's raining over here to Poppy!x
    Forecast for to~day and tomorrow....
    Nice again on Sunday! :).

    I've just popped into town, needed
    some bread, lemons, got some washing
    up liquid at half price, and bleach,
    can't live without bleach..!
    Will do my main shop on Monday now,
    l'm not short of anything..plenty of
    meat in my 'Road Kill'
    l'm o.k. :o).

  2. Precious is not motivated to anything but sleep when she knows the
    crunchies are over for the morn. Me, I have house work and cooking
    but it is cold over here, so nothing much to do outside yet. Try to
    take walks when it is above freezing. Glad mum left the soft bed covers
    for you, Poppy.

  3. Poppy, you are looking so comfortable in the photo. We also too love when it's cool and raining to snuggle with our fur babies under the covers. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  4. An unmade bed is better for getting snuggled up.

  5. I have been napping, mum has been making masks for herself.

  6. Spurts of energy then resting
    I think I may be a secret cat lol
    Our wether is wet and gloomy as well

  7. My human is still working like normal. The weather is starting to get nice here, since we're in the other hemisphere, and that is invigorating her.

  8. There are too many daily chores for me to do to take it easy, Poppy. With six cats, if I don't stay on top of housework, the place deteriorates fast.

  9. It was rainy all day here, too, Poppy. We've been inside, just chilling out together.