Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Blueberry Danish

Years ago mum got off the plane to visit  her parents.  She stopped  off at  the supermarket  and mum got a roast  chicken  and some salads for their  dinner.   Mum also  picked up one if these blueberry  Danish frozen  desserts  and some custard.  Mums mum was horrified,  and said Gdad wouldn't  eat it as he hated blueberries.   When mum dished it up, he asked what it was and mum told him it was boysenberries  and he ate it all up and even had seconds.

So when mum was at the supermarket  this afternoon  after work   there was  a danish sitting  in the freezer section, that needed to come home with her.  Mum enjoyed  it after her dinner and thought  of  her parents and the family  dinner they shared years ago.  It may have been simple food, but remains memorable.


  1. Ah! That's a lovely story Poppy!x
    Yes! We all remember things like that..
    HeHe! Though l was a good boy..l ate
    everything my Mum put in front of me!
    And, still do..l was raised 'never' to
    waste food..l may have a few carcass
    bones in the food bin, but that's all.
    From 1980 l raised my daughter on my
    own, for 14yrs, if she left any food,
    l would eat it..No waste..!

    And one thing l love since Julie put
    the recipe on one of her posts is
    Scroggin Slice..I~LOVE~IT..HeHe! :).
    My daughter makes it for me know...
    And..l believe it's from New Zealand..
    It's lovely..Yum..! :o).

  2. Great tasty way to enjoy the good memories. Life is so restricted right now
    that these moments are delightful. Sorry you do not want blueberries, Poppy.
    My Dad was the same about pumpkin pie, never ever use butternut squash he told
    my Mom but she had a few and made the pie and he ate it like it was his favorite

  3. I used to love those Sarah Lee Danish pastry desserts but haven't seen them in years.

  4. That’s a nice story. It clearly couldn’t have been the taste of blueberries Dad disliked, just the idea of them. I think many people feel that way about some food or another. I’m glad this new Danish was as tasty.

  5. Simples foods are the best for making memories
    I’ve fooled many people into eating things but not quiet being totally honest.
    Although I always ask if they have allergies first lol

  6. I think food triggers many memories. Thanks for sharing this .

  7. Poppy, dear, that's a very warming story for a cold spring morning here! Much appreciated!