Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wordless Wednesday - Found on the Internets


  1. It's not very often you get two
    queens in one photo...! :).

    1. Ah! Bless! Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy...
      Do you know Poppy!x I went to sleep once with
      my head under the pillow...When l woke up....
      ALL my teeth were missing..! HeHe! :o).

  2. I'd seen that clip of your PM; really, I think she's an amazing leader. That's how she comes across, anyway, IMO.

    I had NOT seen the photo editing of the Queen's dress. Hahahaha, love it!

    Take care, stay well and keep safe.

  3. Poppy, how did you like the flight to England?
    How did you get permission to fly out?

  4. Poppy, your Prime Minister is awesome. And we love the Photoshopping of the Queen's dress. :)

  5. We all need something to smile about. Your PM has the right idea, and HM may not have realized that the color she wore would give people reason to smile. But she has brightened our day.

  6. My human says this is not the first time she's worn something that shade of green... and the same thing happened with people using it as a green screen. We need a bit of fun right now.

  7. I think Her Majesty would get a chuckle out of it - though she might prefer to see corgis...