Monday, April 20, 2020


Mum felt this way all day.  She could  not sleep last night after her weekend  night shifts, she  only nodded  off at 5am.  So today was a wipeout.   Hopefully  she will do better tonight  and get back into a normal  pattern.


  1. My goodness Poppy!x That is a BIG yawn..! :).
    Don't leave your mouth open to long..l can
    see a train coming..! HeHe! Bless! :)

  2. Maybe you'll catch a moth or other tasty flying insect, Poppy, with your mouth wide open. :-D

    We hope your mum sleeps better tonight!

  3. I'm thinking that mum will get hypnotized by your yawns, Poppy.
    That may do the trick for her to get some needed shut eye. I think
    you already have it figured out how to sleep so have a good dream

  4. I probably would be like that whenever there was a change-over in shifts. I don't envy your mum. I hope she sleeps better for the rest of the week.

  5. Yawns are catching, Poppy. Keep doing it and you may make your mum tired.

  6. Yawns are catching. Hope your mum gets some sleeps tonight.