Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Family Lockdown Boogie

This is a local family that made this video :  Family Lockdown Boogie.  They were interviewed on the news tonight and did agree that dad was the worst dancer, but good on him for getting his groove on.   Oh and by the way, our government has told us to stay in our bubble.  That means that you can do things with the people you live with, you can exercise with them, eat dinner together, but can't mix with anyone else.  So we hope you are all safe in your bubble and finding things to smile about.


  1. This is brilliant! Poppy!x And so funny..! :).
    Well done to them for doing it..There's quite
    a few families round about doing all sorts of
    things..dancing, keep fit..etc..We've all got
    to keep going, and listen to the experts...
    As you know our PM is in hospital, and not
    to good..Lets pray he pulls through, as he's
    a good leader, best we've had in years...
    So..it does'nt matter what yer politics are..
    We need you Boris..!

  2. Hey Poppy! This was such a wonderful video of this family. We love seeing families getting to spend the best time they can have together during this time. Thanks for the fantastic share. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  3. We're not at that stage yet, though it may come to it. It's hard to stay in a bubble when I go to work every day and have to associate with a dozen other people...

  4. Oh, that was so much fun. We;re definitely staying safe, and staying in our bubble, Poppy. Hugs to you and Mum.

  5. Loved the video! Staying in our bubble here in Chicago only going out for groceries. Stay safe and well!