Saturday, April 25, 2020


Today is ANZAC day here, a remberance day  for our kiwi soldiers and Australian  allies.  Normally  there is a dawn parade at 6am, but due  to still being locked down people were going to stand at their driveways with candles.  Mum would have liked to get up but her sleeping  has been terrible  and she  only fell asleep at 3am.

This was a little cottage  down the road from our place with their flag up and ready.  When mum grew up you seldom saw flags at people's  homes, but it has got more and more common as the years have gone by.

Thank you to the great uncles that fought for our freedoms and the great aunts  and grand parents who did their part in the communities at home.

And for something a bit cheery.  The New Zealand Army Band  - Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


  1. I've just sent out an Anzac remembrance day
    e~mail..l've had for years..l send it out
    every year..! These hero's must be remembered..!

    You know..The UK must be be the worst country in
    the world for flying flags..USA fly flags everywhere,
    every time you turn around, there's a Stars and Stripes,
    in Australia/New's also the same..and so on..
    I fly my Italian flag from Mon~Sat..then my Sicilian flag
    on Sunday..!
    But! Here in the UK..there not bothered, but you'll see
    flags at football internationals, and that's about it..Oh!
    and when the Queens about..God bless her..and ALL who sail
    in her..HeHe!

    Take care Poppy!x And look after Mum..make sure she's getting
    enough you are..! :o).

  2. A candle lit remembrance sounds like a fine way to allow people to
    give respect to your past heroes. They would be glad that you are
    trying to stay safe from this virus. they would have from the
    Spanish flu in 1918 if they could have.
    Mum needs here sleep, so keep down the noise, Poppy!

  3. Everyone is doing the best they can to remember the fallen this year even without the parades.

  4. We are glad to know that the brave soldiers who fought for our freedoms are still being remembered, even though this year's celebrations are different.

  5. A candlelight remembrance sounds lovely.

  6. God bless those who defended freedom.