Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Mum got this new duvet on special before  the lockdown  started.  She wasn't  sure if I would like it, but within  10 seconds  of it being on the bed I had jumped  on it and was nodding  off.   I then slept on it for 2 hours, even though  there was no comfy feather duvet inside.

We both slept well last night.


  1. It's a pretty duvet, Poppy. Perfect for a lovely ladycat such as yourself. :-)

  2. Your very clever Poppy!x Making sure the
    new duvet is o.k for both you and Mum..
    And..l expect it needed those 2hrs to make
    sure it really was o.k. Bless!x

  3. Someone has to test it out. Who better qualified than you Poppy.
    Now mum knows it is good to go for the winter.

  4. If it is new it has to be tried out, Poppy.

  5. Good job checking out that new duvet, Poppy!