Friday, April 3, 2020


It made mum a bit teary on her walk home from work  today, to see all the bears at windows and some like this one , sitting on porches.   To make things more fun for kids lots of home owners are putting  bears out, so  that when children  walk round their neighborhoods for fresh air and exercise they can go on a bear hunt.  It made my middle aged mum emotional  too.


  1. Ah! Bless! That's lovely Poppy!x
    Last Thursday and last night, and
    all the following Thursdays, people
    are going outside their houses, and
    clapping/applauding to say thankyou
    to ALL the doctors and nurses in the
    NHS working in hospitals and care homes!
    There doing it ALL over the UK..Their
    ALL doing a wonderful job..and ALL of
    them deserve some kind of reward when this
    is ALL over..God Bless Them..!x

  2. They have been putting bears in windows here too. Apparently most houses in the village have them, but as we are on 12 week shelter for safety we haven't left home for over 2 weeks and haven't seen them.

  3. That's a sweet idea. I don't think that's happening here yet, or not that I've heard.

  4. Everyone world wide needs an uplifting right now. The bears
    are a good and fun idea. Glad your Mum noticed them. Then
    came home to snuggles with you Poppy.

  5. I've not heard of that. That's nice.

  6. My grandsons (5, 2) counted 33 on their daily walk around the block at Paraparaumu and they just love it!!

  7. Mum has bears she could put out but we don't know that people are doing that around here.

  8. That makes us emotional, too, Poppy and Mum Julie. The whole world needs a little happiness right now.