Saturday, April 18, 2020

Caturday - Couch Choir - Heroes

Mum has been trying to watch some things to make her smile today like this video.  Last night was a night shift for her, and she found some Live at Apollo comedy skits that her two colleagues hadn't seen, so they all had a laugh together in the quiet moments.  They snacked on popcorn and biscuits and the time went fast.  When the shift finished mum headed home and I was happy to see her!!   Mum toasted some pre made waffles and had bacon for her breakfast today, and gave me some treats  and then  had a good sleep.  I only tried to wake her up once to tell her she was sleeping in my spot.

Tonight is her last night shift, so she has the same breakfast planned for tomorrow morning.  The supermarket has changed its hours to let essential workers like mum shop between 7-8am and mum is going to do that in the morning.  She hasn't used gone before at that time, and has gone after work when a lot of the supplies are gone, so hopefully she can get a couple more items that she has been missing.  Maybe there will be some flour?

She has put some fruit juice in the fridge and plans a big fruity cocktail tomorrow night with her dinner.  There are leftover thai chicken and rice all ready, so it will be a big Sunday night on the couch for her.  Chores can wait until the days off next week.

We hope that you have got some fun things planned for your weekend too.  Enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. All much the same over here Poppy!x
    And, it's wonderful to see so many
    people helping each other out, even
    if they know them or not!
    And, a lot of funny bits in the
    papers and on line, l laughed to~day
    where a little girl, on lockdown got
    hold of her Mum's handbag, and took out
    her makeup and started putting it on
    the walls, and all over herself..HeHe!
    Strange thing is, her Mum must have
    been recording it all on her phone,
    otherwise she could have stopped her
    earlier..Poor Mum had a lot of cleaning
    up to do l expect..! :).

  2. That is a lovely video. Heroes by David Bowie has always been a favourite of mine and this was wonderful!
    I hope your mum has better luck getting her flour than I have.

  3. Poppy, dear, it's a relief to learn that special shopping hours are now available to your mum. Our local shops are offering this service to health care workers and other designated "essential workers" -- such as truck drivers. Our state has even extended licenses to food trucks so that they can provide meals to the drivers at interstate rest stops. We're finding some holes in our community safety net are bigger than others.

  4. Whatever your Mum does, Poppy, you will be such a comfort to her.

  5. It's Sunday for you now Poppy. Hope mum made into the store and found some wanted
    items early. I am sure her and her co-workers enjoyed a few light hearted moments together
    at work. Enjoy mum's company and I hope some sun.

  6. It's a shame that your mum and others in health care can't get food supplies that they want. IUf they can't get raises, they should at least get some of that set aside for them.

  7. awww the couch heros was lovely. We have been getting on line deliveries (hard to get) and no potatoes or chicken available this week. Hope you find nice stocked shelves.

  8. Poppy, we are glad the supermarket changed the time they are open for essential workers like your Mum. We hope she gets all the things she needs. We loved the Couch Heroes video.

  9. I hope your mum gets the foods she needs. Mum shops early too to hopefully get what she needs. So far she has gotten what she wants.

  10. The only way my human has been able to find flour, yeast or toilet paper is by shopping at the local restaurants, who are supplying groceries to make up for lost business.

  11. So far my mom's been pretty lucky on the shopping days, although she does say the shelves seem more and more empty every time she goes out. Crazy times, my friend, crazy times.