Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Today was lovely with lots of sunshine  - I even went and had a nap on the painters sheet  that they left outside.  The builders did come round this morning,  but only for an hour, so mum  still got a sleep in. She was glad that their visit was short as she didn't  get up until after 10am.

Today  our lockdown  was relaxed a bit .  Ours has been set at 4 levels.  We had 5 weeks at level 4 - staying home.  The supermarkets and pharmacies  were open for essential visits, nothing else.  No restaurants,  takeaways, post offices or shops.  No travel allowed.

Today is our first at level 3 - now we can do online shopping  and get home delivered  or take away  food.  We are not allowed into shops yet, but can click and collect items.  Businesses can open if they can work without face to face customers.  Our airports are shut and we still can't travel between cities.

Mum is going to go get some groceries  tomorrow and have a look around.  It will be strange  to see more people  out and about.

She heard on the news that our restrictions  were almost the tightest  in the world, that Italy had the most.  I guess only time will tell and the world leaders and scientists will learn lessons from this crisis.

Mum is looking forward  to seeing her friends  again and sharing a meal out with them.


  1. We've had rain to~day as forecast..first for
    about 10 days..bit mixed for the rest of the
    week..l popped up the supermarket first thing,
    few bits and pieces..very quiet in there to..
    I was in and out in half hour..! :).

    Saw your lovely PM on TV this morning, making
    her speech..l thought of you Poppy!x As the
    beaches were opening, and it was o.k. to wind
    surf..do you wind surf..! :).
    They showed loads of wind surfers heading out
    to sea..l thought the sharks would be pleased
    about that..! HeHe! Are'nt l wicked..! :).

  2. Let us hope that loosing the restrictions help people feel less
    isolated. But that your country does not see any new spike in
    covid 19. We here do not see any thing changing for a while yet.
    Went out this morn, mask and gloves and shopped for the first time
    in 5 weeks at Walmart. Still no toilet paper or sanitizer or gloves.
    Thank goodness I had enough here before this even happened. You look
    lovely as always, Poppy, in the sun and a new spot to rest in.

  3. Here in the States, it hasn't been as strict, and even with that, people can't seem to stick to the rules. No wonder the virus is running rampant here.

  4. perfect spot for Poppy, funny how the cats seem to claim things.

  5. We are glad your mum got to sleep in. That looks like a purrfect spot for you Poppy. We are happy they are lowering the restrictions step by step as things are hopefully getting better. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  6. Poppy, dear, it's good your mum is catching up on her sleep. We hope she isn't experiencing the "epidemic" of nightmares so many are reporting. Also hoping that the relaxed restrictions make shopping easier but that folks obey the rules. Here in the States we're having a problem with that.

  7. Your counry has been so vigilant and planful with its approach, Poppy. And the citizens there have been very cooperative. We wish people here would do the same.

  8. I think the whole world is hoping you have a successful reentry into an open country.

  9. I think your country will benefit from the severe rules imposed. It probably helps, too, that yours is an island nation. Let’s hope you won’t have to go through this ever again.