Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday

Mum celebrated  Good Friday by eating 10 chocolate  biscuits, 2 oranges, mince on toast for lunch and apricot chicken  for dinner.  She did two loads of washing  and 3 laps of the garden.  She watched 5 tv shows and read 10 pages of her book.

I matched her 3 laps of the garden and slept 23 hours .  Life is good.  What have you been up to?


  1. I bet mum is fast asleep...and away with
    fairies now Poppy!x Sounds good though,
    but three laps of the garden is a bit
    worrying..! :).

    I was up early as usual..not the type to
    lie about in bed..The sun was out, in all
    it's glory, and very warm, yesterday was
    hottest day so far..though rain forecast
    for Sunday, it's been over a week since
    we've had any..!
    Had an early lunch, finished off some
    pheasant left over from Sunday, and just
    taken a rabbit out the 'Road Kill' freezer
    for this Sunday..As it's Easter..Easter bunny,
    and ALL that..HeHe! :).

    So..l'm gonna make a mug of lemon tea, with
    honey of course and sit out on the patio..lots
    of noise coming from peoples gardens, all out
    there cutting the grass, and busy in the gardens!

  2. Sounds like mum needs 23 hours of sleep too. The chocolate
    sounds tasty to me but not to Precious. She wants tuna bunnies
    to eat! Enjoy the weekend.

  3. LOL @ the 10 chocolate biscuits. That's something I'd do. :-P

    It's actually my birthday today, so I'm not doing anything but stuffing my face and vegging on the couch. I'm might start a jigsaw puzzle. Such excitement! LOL. Well, I just ordered 2 different pairs of Merrell hikers, got 40% off site-wide and an extra 20% off for my birthday, so that was GREAT. That brand is pricey!

    Take care and have a lovely, safe Easter weekend, both of you. Derry sends smooches to you, Poppy. So do I! ♥

    1. *.•°*"˜ ☼¸♪♫-´♪♫" ~...~”♫♪’♫♪¸☼”*°•
      HAPPY B I R T H D A Y KEA!
      ......Wishing you many blessings......
      .......on your birthday and always!.........

  4. It sounds like you've both been very productive!

  5. I would class that as a VERY productive Good Friday Pops!! Happy Easter to you & your lovely Mum. xx

  6. I cooked a fruit slice and hot pot sausages in the slow cooker
    Used up all the odds and ends of cheeses but making macaroni cheese for lunch
    Listened to my Audiobook crochet a few square washed the bed sheets and dried them in front of our fire
    And last night watched Jesus Christ superstar

  7. That is a lot of food for your mum.

  8. It's still so green there, Poppy... You and your mum had a good plan for the day - especially your mum.