Sunday, April 19, 2020


The streets  were quiet as mum left work this morning at 7am.  All good kiwis were staying  home doing what they are told.  Mum went to the supermarket  closer to the hospital  and got most  of  the things she needed.   There was flour  and yeast there - but only about 10 packets. Mum left it there though, ither peoples needs are greater than hers.   Lots of shelves were only half full, and looked different  to they usually  do. 

There were some nice big posters  up thanking the supermarket  workers for working  hard during lockdown .  We hope  people  are being  nice to them.  Mum is grateful  that she can get in and out quickly  with 95% of the  items she wanted.  If course she forgot to get some things  off her list , because  she forgot  her list.  Thank you night shift brain.


  1. I've given up making a list..what's the point..
    l can't read..HeHe! Joke! :).
    Hoping to get up to Lidl on Tuesday..few bits
    and pieces required..not a lot..

    I've just had lunch out on the patio..partridge
    to~day..l'm working my way through the 'Road Kill'
    freezer..rabbit last week, pheasant the week before
    that, and duck the week before that..people say to wonder the wild life is becoming extinct..
    You keep eating it..! HeHe! Bless!
    Love meat on the bone..nothing better than picking
    and eating the meat on the bone..
    Oh! And..Flossy's been round, three times this morning,
    three saucers of milk..Bless her!
    She jumped up on the table, to see what was on my plate,
    so l cut her off a bit of breast meat, took the skin off
    gave it a good lick, as it was covered in garlic and
    herbs..did she like it..? She had three helpings....!
    Flossy is lovely..for a cat with one eye..Bless her!x

  2. We are glad people are obeying the stay at home orders there, Poppy. It is so important. Glad to hear Mum was able to get most of what she needed at the supermarket. We hope you are both doing okay. XO

  3. I read my list and still miss something I wrote down! Life for us humans.
    Glad mum got some good groceries easier this time. I am avoiding shopping
    for now, but may have to go out in a week. They think we will be in lockdown
    until May 15 now. Precious has her crunchies and doesn't know or care about any
    thing else. The way it should be.

  4. I'm glad your Mum managed to get most of the things on her list. Frank's supplies of his favourite fish flavoured cat food and running low, Jon's got to go out especially tomorrow to track some down. xxx

  5. Most places are quiet here also with people staying at home apart from exercising and shopping for essentials. Our lane is busier with people walking though. They come from the village and walk down to a farm near the river where there is a bridle path that goes between the fields and comes back out further down the village. A walk of about an hour. We can see them walking from our farm and it looks like they are all keeping a good distance.

  6. It sounds like things are going much more smoothly in NZ than they are in our nutty country!

  7. I’m always forgetting my lists. I write things down, am quite proud of doing so, then forget the lists… And I don’t have shift-work to blame for it.

    And your commercial buildings look colourful…