Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Mum was dreading  going to the supermarket  under lockdown  today, but it was ok.  This was the toilet paper aisle - plenty of supplies with only  a few gaps.  Kiwis have been told to calm down and shop normally  to leave enough for  everyone, which I think they are doing.

Mum only waited in a line for 2 minutes  to get in and 5 minutes at the checkout.   There wasn't  much meat but mum got everything  she needed.

On the news there was a local bread company where all the  30 staff have stayed in lockdown  together, away from their families  so that they could make 20,000 loaves a day.  Good on them.


  1. Same over here to Poppy!x
    It's lovely to see/read that so many people
    are coming together to help..but, there still
    some silly people who are doing some silly
    Read on line yesterday..the police raided a property,
    in London..25 people were out in the garden having
    a Barbeque..! Idiots! Complete and utter idiots!

    I must pop up the supermarket tomorrow..just to top
    up..milk, eggs, bead..etc..I've got loads of meat,
    my road kill freezer is quite full..! :).
    Cut the grass yesterday, tied up the garden, so keeping

  2. It sounds like everyone is behaving over where you are! That's good.

  3. That is a very rare sight around here, Poppy! I have someone who is getting the basics for me but still no TP, Paracetamol, sanitiser or handwash. No fresh veg either but last week she got most things on my list. I have a fresh fruit and veg order which should have been delivered yesterday but got a text to say it wouldn't be until today. I hope it comes as I am down to my last 2 apples and I have sliced apple, pear and walnut halves for breakfast. If not I will have to raid Ivor's cereal!

  4. Here people still are panic-buying toilet paper, paper towel, facial tissue, etc. When I went into a nearby large grocery store last week, the entire LONG aisle of these products was empty. There. Was. Nothing. Good thing I already have an abundant supply from a February Costco run. I just placed a huge order at Walmart, via the Instacart app. Costs me a bit less than taking a taxi home with it all, and in any case, it's worth it to me, since getting there is no longer easy with the transit cut-backs. Plus then there's the whole proximity to people thing. But the people who are working for Instacart are so busy that the earliest delivery is Friday! (It's early Tuesday AM here now.)Good thing I'm being proactive with the order, that I don't actually need anything today. LOL. Take care, stay well!

  5. Thank you for stopping by. It's nice to know your shopping experience was like mine.

  6. There should be a limit to the amount people can buy. I think they've imposed it here. Then again, if people impose it on themselves, with no laws, then all the better.

  7. Poppy, dear, it's good to see that your mum and her friends are coping with the new shopping strategies. I, too, am paying to have things delivered, especially those 40lb bags of kitty litter! My two old toms enjoy playing in the boxes.

  8. Just heard on the news over here..
    Three of the big supermarkets will
    prevent people buying to much and
    overstocking..Don't know if that's
    any help, because you can buy what
    you want..go put it in yer car, then
    go back in again..Still..l suppose
    it will help..! :).

  9. Good to know there are paper products in Mum's town. None to be found in
    my town! Grocery here has some meat, lots of fresh produce (thank goodness) and
    some canned and frozen veggies. I went out this morn just for the produce and
    a bit of meat. Our lock down is going for at least 3 more weeks, but I plan
    to stay home for the next 2. Hope there was plenty of feast for you Poppy!

  10. One day we will all tell our grandchildren about the great toilet paper shortage of 2020
    And that is a funny thought lol

  11. Glad your mum got what she needed. Glad your paper product aisle is well stocked. Mum hasn't been to the store for nearly a week. She will need to go soon to get milk and an few other things. She will check out the paper product aisle then.

  12. afur 2 and a half weeks mummie finally found some tp dis mornin but had to get up at oh dark hundred to git dressed and stand in line to get some, sad that people need to panic and hoard. mummie thinks with all the added trips she had to make just to find tp she probably put herself in harms way of germs just for tp

  13. What a beautiful sight! Something you don't see often here in Chicago.