Thursday, March 26, 2020

Social Isolation

I'm keeping  my distance  from my  mum.  2 metres  they say.  Mum got her flu injection  at work and the line snaked around the foyer like everyone  was waiting for a ride at Disneyland. 

Of course when the lights go off I'll jump up on the bed and spend 10 minutes snuggling  up beside her.


  1. A ten minute snuggle from you Poppy!x
    Is worth more than any injection..HeHe! :).

    I've just back from town, needed eggs and
    bread..supermarket were allowing six shopping,
    one was early so l was in and
    out in ten minutes..
    Though walking home, the supermarket at the
    bottom of my road had about a dozen people
    waiting to go, people are prepared to

  2. What a mess your mum has to work in right now, Poppy.
    Yes, you keep your distance from neighbor cats, and
    be on the alert for mum getting home. You look good in the sunlight.

  3. I have not been reading blogs for some time but I have been worried about you and your Mom because we knew she worked at the hospital. We have been house bound for almost three weeks. The first one and a half were our own choice, now it is the governments. We can still get take out from most restaurants but are trying to order from local owned small businesses. Last week our markets were mostly empty of food and paper products. Now they have put limits on how many you can buy. They have also started having Seniors only shopping times, but they are way early, earlier than Mom usually gets up!

    Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

  4. My human says I'm lousy at social distancing! Especially at mealtime.

  5. I will always snuggle with mum. Day or night.

  6. Ha! I don’t think keeping your distance needs to apply to cats, Poppy, even during the day-time.