Thursday, March 19, 2020


Boy it's getting  serious  out there in the world  isn't  it.  Tonight our borders close so only New Zealanders  can come into the country.   Only 100 people can be in one place.  Mum was surprised  to see on the way home that there were  still lots of people  were at the swimming  pools and gymn.  I think that people  just don't  get it and the only way to make people  stay home will be to close everything  down.

For mum she is happy to come home and sit with me in the autumn  sun.  The best place  to be!


  1. Yes! I saw the news about New Zealand in the
    papers over here Poppy!x
    I walked into town at 8.30 as usual, market
    day, no market..popped into Costa coffee...
    only doing take~aways..all the tables etc..
    at the front were sitting at all..
    Thought l'd pop into M&S on the way home..
    Coffee shop closed..Oh! Well..back home l
    suppose...Not going out again till Saturday,
    hopefully l can get a paper at least..!

  2. Bad news for your country. Here it is awful. Everything is closed,
    no restaurants, library, YMCA, hair salons, tattoo parlors (who cares)
    and the drivers license offices. A few groceries open but when I went
    yesterday, there was very little to buy. You and mum stay well.

  3. They're closing the border between Canada and the US to all non-essential travel (like tourism/recreation). We've already shut the door, so to speak, on entry of any non-Canadians or permanent residents. I'm on day 2 of working from home, buses are scaled back, store shelves are bare...crazy times. Please, both of you, stay well and stay safe.

  4. poppy ya bee lookin gorgeouz in de fall time sunz !!

    over heerz in de statez.... everee thing iz shut down..... stay healthee...mumz job will get lee vizshuz if de viruzz spreadz ~~~~


  5. Look at that sweet little worried face dear Pops. Don't worry though - so long as Mum has plenty of tins of Fancy Feast in the cupboard - we can sit this thing out! xx

  6. Wow, you looked like a different cat with that colouring, Poppy; I had to look twice to recognise you.

  7. We are "shelter in place" as of today. Only allowed to go out for necessities. Of course, that's what my human has been doing pretty much this week anyway. I did get to go shopping with her yesterday!