Sunday, March 29, 2020


I have been helping  mum to rest and she is feeling  much better with the cough finally beginning to recede.  It has been raining heavily since Fridsy and is much cooler than the weather we had earlier  in the month.   Ideal weather  for sitting  and watching the box.

Last night she watched Jojo Rabbit which was good, but mum is not sure that she was comfortable in the satirical  tone of the movie.  She loves Taika Waititi usually but found that it relied too heavily on too many stereotypical caricatures of many of the supporting characters.  Maybe she will have to watch it again when she is less distracted by the current issues occurring in the world.

Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom  is on the television  tonight.  So mum is settling  down with a big vodka and orange juice (mums drink is about 1% vodka).  Me - mom let's me have 4 temptations.


  1. Ah! Pleased to hear Mums getting better Poppy!x..Bless!
    Our summer time starts to~day..clocks went forward an
    hour..Summer time..? What happened to Spring then, did
    l miss it..! :). HeHe!

    Though it's a nice sunny day again to~day, bit chilly..
    I'm going out and trim a bit more of my Virginia Creeper!
    Little buds are just coming's needs looking after,
    as it covers the front and the l have to keep it
    under control..!

    I've got roast duck to~day, and everything that goes with it..
    And, l shall open a bottle of wine, red of course..and, probably
    sit out on the patio..
    And later, there are 5 episodes of Andrew Zimmern's 'Bizarre Foods
    America' that's 5hrs taken care of before bed..! :).

  2. We sure are glad that Mum Julie is on the mend, Poppy. We feel the same way about JoJo Rabbit. It was good, but we felt a little unsettled after watching it.

  3. Thanks for the share. We are glad your mom is feeling better and having some time to rest up. We hope you enjoy the Jurassic Park movie. It was a good movie. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  4. I am glad your mum is improving and hope she is soon much better again.

  5. Poppy, you look like you are in a temptations pose! so pretty.
    Glad your mum gets her OJ with a bit of germ killing vodka.
    Get rid of that cold bug. And let her give you a hug.

  6. Glad your mum is feeling better.

  7. Glad your feeling better. Alcohol is great for killing germs 😉