Saturday, March 28, 2020


Mum got her results back today and she is negative for covid 19 which is good news.  The results were back quickly and within 24 hours.  As she suspected it is probably just a simple cold, and she will be able to return back to work 24 hours after she feels better.

She got lots of texts from friends and made a couple of phone calls today, which is always nice to laugh with friends when they can't get together.  She made herself a tasty dinner of a pork chop with potatoes and salad, and mixed herself a vodka and fruit juice.  She watched JoJo Rabbit and thinks she will sleep much better tonight, as long as her coughing does not wake her up too much.

Thank you for all the well wishes - mum was very grateful for your kindness.


  1. I am very relieved for your mum, Poppy. Even though she suspected it was a seasonal cold, in these times it is always a huge worry that it may not be. She and all the health workers have more than enough to cope with without extra worry. I am very glad the result came back quickly.

  2. Ah! That's fantastic news Poppy!x Well done Mum..!
    Over here they were hoping for 250,000 retired doctors
    and nurses and carers to come back and help out..last
    night, 780,000 had approach the health service, volunteering
    their services..amazing..! But! The people dying is still going
    up..even the odd healthy person catching it is dying..Terrible!
    God! It's awful..and talking of God..well..l still pray, in my
    own way, don't have to go to church on my knees..if l have summat
    to say to him upstairs..l say it..!

    Just lunchtime over here Poppy!x Just have some cold meats, crisps,
    mug of soup, and sit out on the's a nice sunny day, though
    chilly..Take care you two, God Bless!x

  3. Who would think that a person would be grateful for a cold! I am sure
    mum is, Poppy. I just know you giving her lots of cuddles will make the
    cold go away soon. I love the purple flower!

  4. This isn't good news, it's GREAT news, Poppy. We're so happy that her test results came back negative. Lots of purrs from Derry that you both stay healthy. Hugs!

  5. Phew Poppy - that IS a relief. So pleased for you both as I was worried about YOU too little Pops in case Mum had to go into hospital. Who would bring you your feasts ...................... !! I might have had to drive all the way down there !!

  6. I'm so glad to hear the test was negative! Paws crossed your human stays safe and well once she is back at work.

  7. Excellent news. I don't doubt that your mum was sleeping better without the worry on her shoulders.

  8. That is great news, Poppy. Did you and Mum like JoJo Rabbit? We just saw it, and thought it was a good movie.