Friday, March 27, 2020


Mum had the day off today.  Yesterday her slight tickle had felt a bit more if a cough so she came home early.  She spoke with dr friends last night and came up with a plan.  Don't  panic my friends- mum just feels  like she is  getting  a seasonal cold.

This morning  she rang and spoke with her boss to say she wouldn't  come to work.  She then rang the gp.  She got straight  through and the gp rang her back at 8.30am for a quick phone appointment.   She agreed that it was probably  a cold but for mum to get swabbed as she is a hospital  worker, so that she can return when well.

At 2.30pm mum put her jacket on and a face mask and went to the gps for testing.   She stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription  that had been faxed.  Mum had rung them and they had it ready and mum arranged that she would call them as she arrived.  Mum stood way back from the front door, and the pharmacist  came out and left mums prescription  outside the door, so that mum could pick it up with no contact.  No id  or anything  was  needed - kiwis are pretty  trusting like that.

Swabbing took place in the deserted gp carpark.  The dr in ppe just took a quick swab from mums nose and throat.  All done in two minutes  - she said it was a bit gross and made her want to gag but, really not so horrible.

So dont worry, mum was home 15 minutes later avoiding the people out exercising  and getting fresh air.  She truly feels fine, just a cough and a bit like a cold.  The worst bit was the walking  about in the face mask, it made her a bit hot and bothered and was relieved  to get home and remove it.

She also has not been stealing supplies.  In the past month, she had kept her own gently used masks and put them aside in case this very problem arose.

So now she is waiting results and advice from her dr.  She us going to have to wait until she is well  to return  to work.  Luckily  I will assist her in getting better.ĺ


  1. Hope it all turns out o.k. for Mum, Poppy!x
    Don't think the results of the tests take
    that long..I was reading somewhere, some
    tests come through within hours!
    It's good that she got a test, especially
    with Mum being a nurse..!

    And..l think Mum has the best nurse, she
    could ever have in you Poppy!x Bless!x

    1. I think most people here in Canada are waiting several days, even as long as 11 - 14 days for test results. :-/

    2. Here in the UK..You should get they back the
      same day..
      In Holland, you get them back in 15mins..varies
      from country to country though..!

  2. Purrs that your mum gets the all-clear, Poppy. Take good care of each other. ♥

  3. Good Heavens, what a time for your mum to get a cold or a cough. I’m sure it’s nothing, too; the odds in favour of corona virus are actually pretty slim. It’s too bad for the hospital, since they are probably in need of every employee, but good for your mum that she is taking precautions. Keep us informed, please, Poppy.

  4. Glad your mum is so well treated by the rest of the medical society. It is never a
    good time for a cold, but if that is all it is, then a cold will be the better of
    any virus. Keep her warm and snuggled, Poppy.

  5. We hope that it is just a cold. Our Mom has Asthma and Allergies. She has a slight runny nose, but 'tis the season!

  6. Feel better soon Poppy’s mum. I’ve had that cold and it lingers and lingers
    I dread the winter season, it’s shaping up to be a horrid one unfortunately.
    Stay well xx

  7. Sending purrs that your mum feels better soonest and that she doesn't have the covid.

  8. Sending good thoughts for your mum and hoping it is just a cold.

  9. Goodness, Poppy! Sending healing purrs to your mum that it’s just a common cold...

  10. Oh dear me Poppy ... lets all hope that Mum just has a cold. Crossing fingers & all your paws Poppy xxxx ............................

  11. Oh Julie I sure hope it turns out to be just a change in season cold. xxxx

  12. Paws crossed it's just a cold like she believes! Your human knows the difference between cold and virus symptoms, but I am sending extra purrs her way.

  13. We hope your mum's swab comes back clear of COVID-19, Poppy. Sending love, and purrs and prayers.